What do you think high-power wiper passenger car motor is broken?

How high power motor wiper passenger cars need to detect? How to detect bad?

First measured the wiper motor plug, when the ignition switch to have 24 v voltage? If no voltage, please check whether the fuse fusing. If there is a voltage, for the next step:

In open ignition switch, and open the wiper switch when the first or the second gear (can be a low speed or high speed), measure the wiper motor is different from the outside of a 24 v voltage? Control (the anode) if you have, can prove that line and the switch is normal. Point of failure in the wiper motor.

There is also a situation. The excavator is to control the negative (term) which requires the positive pens and pick up on the 24 v power supply, multimeter and negative pens and after open the wiper switch, ordinal measurement plug if there is a loop, namely 24 v electricity. If you have, can judge fault parts in wiper motor, if not, you should check the fuse and switch.

According to experience, failure rate is higher, in turn, are: fuse, wiper motor.

Wiper switch does not damage easily.

2018-12-11 10:02