What are to identify the quality of car locks and skills

Car door lock is the last barrier to protect the safety of the vehicle property, but some oral propaganda said its products completely anti-theft, but still stolen phenomenon occurs, so people don't know how to buy the real quality of automobile door lock, then the following car door lock manufacturers to tell you what to distinguish the quality of automobile door lock skills.

1, according to the lock, lock body material to judge: this will involve a lot of professional knowledge and techniques of each manufacturer from the general to iron, steel, stainless steel, zinc alloy, due to the limitation of technology, cost, lock rod hardness is not enough, often very easy to open a wrench, hydraulic pliers.

2, according to the packing and the thickness of the steel plate to judge: can see in the installation of security doors, generally on the cat's eye from door screw down can see what's in it, if some cat's eye is well, and it is not down, can see in door lock. Consumers can use hand knock door, the voice listen real, show the thickness of the steel plate is enough, and filler. If sound "poop-poop", means that the steel plate thickness was not enough.

3, according to lock the keys of the judgment: there are a lot of lock key, cross, circle mouth, crescent, a lot of all stripes, many key is made of copper or aluminum alloy, it is easy to be copied, there is a good material of steel, and new type electronic key and higher security.

4, according to the lock locks to judge: average person buy a lock only see appearance, feel great must be good. You as long as the watch, no matter which one you buy domestic lock, lock are usually copper, copper features soft, use electric drill, strong acid, can easily destroy the brass lock core. The lock in use is common for European lock, in addition, there are American thread lock, fire lock lock, the latter two security is quite high.



2018-12-11 10:22